What Is Blp Kosher Age? Is The Jewish Rapper More Than A Gimmick?

blp kosher age

BLP Kosher is an America-based rapper and songwriter. He earned fame for releasing hit singles such as Mazel Tron, Jew On The Canoe, The Nac 2, Inferno, and many more. So far, he has been actively releasing music for over two years. He was raised in the Jewish faith and still practices. Even though he says he practices mostly on the Sabbath, he makes an effort to keep a relationship with the religion.

blp kosher age

What is His real name?

Rapper blp kosher was born Benjamin Landy Pavlon. Moreover, he is from Broward County, Florida, the same area as Kodak Black. His ethnicity is mixed while he holds American citizenship. He is a religious person and follows Judaism. Moreover, the rapper has gained attention for his witty lyrics, catchy beats, and distinctive appearance. He is one of the few openly Jewish rappers in the industry. Moreover, he embraces his heritage with pride and humour. However, there is not even a single piece of information available about his family members.

blp kosher age

How was his early life?

BLP Kosher was born in 2000. Therefore, blp kosher age is 23 years old as of 2023. He grew up in Broward County, Florida, where he was exposed to a diverse and vibrant culture. He was raised in a Jewish family, and he still practices his faith. Kosher was a big fan of skating. He started skating when he was seven years old. He made it a career option because he was so excellent at it. Moreover, he skateboarded on roads often and had his friends videotape it for him. In reality, he was able to get the support of some local businesses, like Mad Skateshop. wiki

The video clips were then edited and released to YouTube. A few of his videos are still available on the video platform. Eventually, after an illness, he began writing his songs and chose to make a future in music.

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How did he rise to fame?

BLP Kosher started making music in 2020. It was when he was encouraged by his friends Gary and Jew Shiesty, who are also rappers. He was going through a difficult time in his life. Moreover, he was depressed and lost interest in his passion for skateboarding. However, he decided to try something new and express himself through rap. He uploaded his songs to SoundCloud, where he quickly gained a loyal fan base. Furthermore, he posted his music videos on YouTube, where he attracted millions of views.

He has collaborated with artists like Babytron, Lil Yachty, and Lil Tecca. Moreover, he has received co-signs from influential figures like Cole Bennett and DJ Akademiks. He is also known for his viral songs like “Mazel Tron”, “Jew on the Canoe”, and “The Nac 2”, which showcase his unique style and personality.

His music is influenced by various genres, such as trap, drill, pop, and rock. He cites artists like Kodak Black, Lil Uzi Vert, Juice WRLD, and Nirvana as some of his inspirations. Moreover, he draws new ideas from his own experiences and observations, as well as his Jewish background. He often raps about topics like money, love, religion, and culture. Moreover, he uses humour and wordplay to create catchy and memorable lines. He also experiments with different flows and melodies to create diverse and dynamic songs.

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What do we know about his family and siblings?

There is currently limited publicly available information about blp kosher family and siblings. However, there is no specific information available about his immediate family members or siblings. He is a very private person. No details are available on the internet at present. 

However, we know that he was born and raised in a Jewish family. Moreover, he says he practices his religious duties mostly on the Sabbath. However, he makes an effort to keep a relationship with the religion.

What are some of his notable projects?

BLP Kosher has achieved a lot in a short period. He has released several singles and projects, such as “Kosher World”, “Jew World Order”, and “The Nac”. Moreover, he featured on songs by other artists, such as “Shabbat Shalom” by Babytron, “Jewish Boy” by Lil Yachty, and “Kosher Diamonds” by Lil Tecca. He has performed at various venues and festivals, such as Rolling Loud Miami, Lollapalooza Chicago, and Coachella California. Furthermore, he has appeared on popular platforms and media outlets, such as Lyrical Lemonade, No Jumper, Complex, and The Fader.

He has also received recognition and praise from many people in the music industry and beyond. Moreover, he has been nominated for several awards. These include the BET Hip Hop Awards, the MTV Video Music Awards, and the Grammy Awards. He has also been endorsed by celebrities like Drake, Kanye West, LeBron James, and Barack Obama. Moreover, he has also been involved in philanthropic activities. He has donated to Jewish charities, supported Black Lives Matter movements, and raised awareness about mental health issues.

Does he have a girlfriend?

He is a very private person. So, no information is found about his current relationship status and girlfriend. No details are available on the internet at present. 

What is his net worth?

According to the given information, his net worth is estimated between $750,000. His major source of income is music. However, he has yet to sign a major record deal with any music label. His primary source of income is through sales and streams of his original music. Furthermore, he gets paid for performing at various musical events and concerts.


What does BLP stand for in BLP Kosher’s name?

Ans: The exact meaning of BLP is not publicly known. It is believed to be his initials, but he has not confirmed this.

What is BLP Kosher’s real name?

Ans: His real name is not publicly known.

Where is BLP Kosher from?

Ans: He is from Broward County, Florida, USA

Does BLP Kosher have any upcoming shows or performances?

Ans: Currently, there is no information.

BLP Kosher is an America-based rapper and songwriter. However, no information is found about his family, current relationship status and girlfriend. Let’s find out more!

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