What Is Kahoot Game? Let’s Explore More Of This Rising Trend

The post-COVID situation has entirely transformed the teaching-learning scenario all over the world. Online classrooms have become the thing of this decade. But with the revolutionised fad of online teaching and learning, one thing has declined in the students. That is a long attention span. Yes, keeping the learners engaged in the classroom and the learning process has become a real challenge for both teachers and parents. The high schoolers have stimulated the tech experts to whirl the incorporation of technology into education for better academic progress. Hence, now we have our hands-on Kahoot, also called Kahoot Game, a reigning sensation since the beginning of the 2010s.

What Is Kahoot?

Kahoot! is an online game-based learning platform. They offer games in the form of a quiz to engage learners in completing their academic work in a fun way. 

Kahoot is a Norwegian-based company launched in 2013, offering a free-to-use platform. It is impressive that after a decade of successful business and cluttering millions of users, they are still offering their services for free. 

Some of the amazing aspects 

Kahoot is a cloud-based quiz platform. You can access the website if you are a teacher or even a student or a general learner in that context. Henceforth, you can employ your creativity with your ideas to create new quiz games in this innovative game-based platform. The teachers can employ this impressive technology to create fun and personalized quizzes focused on particular subjects to provide customised learning opportunities. 

Kahoot can be very easily encompassed in hybrid learning. You will find more than 40 million ready-to-use quizzes. One can easily use one of the samples and get their Kahoot journey started. 

How does it exactly work?

Since Kahoot offers its services for free, anyone with almost any device can access the platform with a proper internet connection. There is no limitation for countries too. Therefore,  students and teachers from all across the world are free to use this tool to make academics more fun and engaging. 

To simplify how this quiz platform works, we can say there are several questions and multiple-choice o answers are provided to choose from. Pictures or the media are added to the questionnaires to make them more appealing. 

Kahoot! Is ideal for this modern earning trend of remote learning. All across the world almost all the institutions and universities are offering remote learning courses. This is also garnering an impressive population of enrollment. To accumulate and provide to these distant or hybrid learners educators can very easily engage Kahoot in the teaching curriculum. They can create a bespoke quiz and ask their pupils to solve them while keeping them present virtually through videotelephony software like Google Meet. 

For middle or high schoolers teachers can also put on the timer. This tool provides this option which can ensure the kids are taking a certain amount of designated time to solve a question that is suitable for them. This helps to develop the skill of time management among young learners. 

You can later check and analyze the answers collectively to monitor the progress of your learners. This is instrumental in creating reports on formative assessments of students in a large number too. Hence, it is impressive how conclusive the designer has made the website to keep up with the rage of technologies. 

Furthermore, to begin head to the official website of Kahoot which is getkahoot.com. Secondly, sign up for a count which they provide absolutely free. Then click on sign up and you will given options to choose from whether you are a teacher, select accordingly. Consecutively clicking on tabs you will get dropdowns to choose your details. Fill in all the required blanks, and go ahead to prepare your customized quiz. 


Building up excitement and channeling out competitiveness is the best tactic to engage more and more students in your teaching curriculum. So, step up and create this witty an entertaining Kahoot game for your students to keep your class buzzing with enthusiasm and a wide scope of learning. 


Meta: Kahoot is a raging trend on the internet. Currently making whirlwinds for making education fun and entertaining. A Norwegian trendsetter in the global platform. Let’s head to the link to learn more

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