List of Copy AI Alternatives You Must Know

Despite being one of the first ones to step foot in the industry of automated copywriting software, Copy AI is perhaps having a hard time sustaining. Copy AI started its run in the year 2020. Instantly, it made a prominent place in this high-tech world of creating content using robots. 

In contrast to its earlier success, the users are having certain issues navigating their usability through the software. We understand, that for many,  creating long-term content and bringing in your co-creators and colleagues to collaborate on a project is getting a bit difficult to be done in this platform. So, on your behalf, we have tried some effective Copy AI alternatives available in the market.

Previously creative manifestation of words was preferred to be done by intelligent and creative minds. However,  there have been revolutionary advancements in science, robotics, and technology. So, now you can get your content generated within minutes by a robotic confidante by putting in some prompts and keywords. 


Here is the list of some of the alternatives to Copy. AI and its key features that will help you decide which one works best for you:


Simplified AI is the first in the world to design a tool to provide efficient AI copywriting tools to users. This tool runs on GPT-3 Ai tech one of the most advanced on currently available. You will find both short and long-form writers who are experts in providing SEO-friendly content. 

Simplified AI offers over 30 languages for their services, and has a PLagiarism checker and DOC editor inbuilt. The best part is, that the website is available for free to individuals and costs a fairly decent charge to use for a small team.


Rytr is a great alternative to Copy AI if you are someone who produces content in a  very limited amount. They provide their services free for 10K characters per month. Hence, to enhance the experience and generate more content on a regular basis you can upgrade to their paid plans. 

Like Simplied Rytr also runs on GPT-3 AI technology. This app is mobile-friendly and offers the benefit of switching and using multiple languages. This aspect makes this platform approachable to consumers from all over the globe. You can also collaborate with your team to create fun content and even share links to your projects with your colleagues.  


CloserCopy must be your go-to choice if you are representing some international company. Since it offers 120+ languages you can easily customize your content by switching to any language that your clientele is based on. If you are a professional editor or a copywriter from a mid-sized or large corporation you can definitely get your hands to try this innovative tech. CloserCopy is famously powerful in creating new marketing copies in seconds. 


This works best for startups or mid-sized companies. They help to create a variety of content starting from Quora answers, customer review responses, and fun tweets to helpful customer reviews. Peppertype has three kinds of plans to offer its users to choose from. In its starting and very basic plan type you can create 50K words. This brand also provides the option to add and have tour team members onboard making the work more simplified.

Peppertype’s enterprise plan might seem hefty to some but the real upside to this is. Along with the customs pricing, you will also get access to customization options to add those little personalized touches to your AI-generated content. 


Nichesss is a comparatively new participant in the market. Likewise, as Copy AI, Nichesss also offers integrations like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and YouTube. If you are a blogger, marketer, small business owner, or content writer you can effectively use this tool to make your life easier. Nichesss uses GPT-3 AI technology, very efficient in producing up-to-date quality content. You will get 150 AI copywriting tools. You can create blog posts, ads, and even poems, making it a really pleasant thing to assist you in generating creative content. 


Whether you are a creator making a creative blog post or a fun video for product marketing, or penning down a poem from some prompts you can use AI content generators to simplify your tasks. 


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