Top AI Dungeon Alternatives You Can Try

You can stop and rest now if you have been searching for AI dungeon alternatives. Yes, you can use alternatives to AI Dungeon safely. Just be careful with your private information when using any platform. People seem to like these alternatives, and they are generally safe to use. AI Dungeon is an online game created by in 2019. Sparring with words is a real talent and playing with people even more. It is a hell of a game and you will have a lot of fun playing it. Let us start discussing.


ShortlyAI is a free tool, the first alternative to AI Dungeon. It’s safer because it doesn’t allow inappropriate content. It’s like AI Dungeon in its ability to generate text. However, Instead of being a game, it helps with writer’s block. Recently, acquired ShortlyAI and is working to allow users to turn text into different formats like video and audio, making the tool even better. It is one of the best alternatives and you will love it a lot. Artificial Intelligence has progressed a lot. There is no denying this and you need to play the game to understand it.


Dreamly.AI helps you make your dreams come true, and it’s super easy and fun to use! You don’t have to be an expert; their friendly interface lets you create and customize your dreams just the way you want. They have a Dream Library with lots of options for you to choose from. So, get ready to dream big with Dreamly.AI! It’s like diving into your wildest dreams and taking a break from everyday life. Dreamly.AI organizes dreams into different types, and you can even find specific dreams using keywords. The best part is, that it has a special feature that makes it stand out from other dream tools!

Write Holo

Write Holo is an AI Dungeon alternative that turns your ideas into exciting stories or eBooks! Just type or talk about what’s on your mind, and the AI does the rest. It has cool features like text-to-speech, redo/undo, and secure voice recognition. You can try out fun things and see what works best for your writing. Holo is similar but doesn’t pay attention to every little thing you say. You need to be in charge and tell it what to do. It’s easier to manage than AI Dungeon because it’s not as random!


Philosopher AI

There’s a game that uses the GPT-3 model, the same one AI DnD uses. It’s all about asking big, thoughtful questions about life. Players can vote on the questions they like or add their own. This keeps the game fresh and interesting. If you want to learn about philosophy but don’t know where to start, Philosopher AI is the way to go! The questions it asks make you think, and the GPT-3 model makes learning feel real and fun! If you are looking for something fresh, try this.


Hey, check out NovelAI, the cool subscription service for writers! It’s like having a smart friend for your novel. With super-smart algorithms, it gives you awesome feedback and clever suggestions to make your writing even better. It’s a fun alternative to AI Dungeon, especially if you’re into nailing down those plot details. Unlike AI Dungeon, NovelAI rocks at structuring plots. AI Dungeon’s cool too, but it can get a bit lost with lots of words. And guess what? After the trial, you get to pick from three plans. The priciest one is $25 and comes with some extra goodies compared to the $30 Dungeon Platinum.


In conclusion, whether you’re on a quest for novel perfection or exploring imaginative adventures, these AI-powered tools bring something special to the table. NovelAI stands out as a fantastic sidekick for authors, offering smart suggestions and plot structuring prowess. On the other hand, if you’re into free-spirited storytelling, AI Dungeon adds a dash of randomness and fun. Each tool has its charm, catering to different writing styles. So, whether you’re fine-tuning your novel or embarking on an epic quest, these AI companions are here to make your creative journey exciting and enjoyable! 


These are the top alternatives to AI Dungeon and you can use them all one by one. Eventually you will find one that suits you.

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