Pictory AI: A Step-By-Step Guide

In the present world ruled by AI, Pictory AI is a revolutionary addition. Well, if you spend much of your time on the internet, then AI might be familiar to you. In fact, since its inception, artificial intelligence has made heads turn in various fields of activity like medical science, research works, editing and whatnot! What AI does is reduce manual labour. 


The one we discuss in this article is specifically designed to help us make videos. However, what sets this AI apart from others is that this one helps create videos from texts. Like many other AI-driven platforms, Pictory brings down manual labour and helps provide intelligent video outputs from texts. If you wish to explore more in this regard, then jump in!

What Is It?

As we already know, it is an innovative artificial intelligence application that empowers you to transform text into engaging videos. This versatile tool offers multiple avenues for content creation, such as uploading a video script, blog post, URL, or employing a text prompt. Leveraging your textual input, Pictory generates video backgrounds, utilizes AI for voiceovers, incorporates subtitles, and adds captions to craft a vibrant video tailored to your projects. Moreover, it facilitates video resizing and optimizing content for various platforms including YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and the web.

Interesting Features

It distinguishes itself from other AI video generators through a range of standout features designed to streamline the video creation process for content creators. One notable capability is its Script-to-Video tool, a standout feature that facilitates the seamless transformation of written scripts into compelling videos.

Transform Script To Video

With this feature, users can either compose their own script within the software or effortlessly paste an existing script directly into the editor. This flexibility caters to a wide range of users, making it an especially advantageous tool for content creators seeking efficiency and ease of use. Whether utilizing an AI chatbot such as ChatGPT, an AI writing tool like Jasper AI, or crafting an original script, Pictory AI empowers creators to effortlessly convert textual content into high-quality videos within a matter of minutes.

Transform Article To Video


The following tool, Article-to-Video, functions similarly to the Script-to-Video feature. However, instead of composing content directly in the editor, users input a URL to generate a video based on a blog post. Upon initiating the process, Pictory extracts essential messages from the article and constructs a script around them. Each key point is then broken down into editable scenes, providing the user with the ability to fine-tune the script on a line-by-line basis. This granular editing capability proves invaluable, allowing users to perfect their script and ensure that their messaging aligns precisely with their intentions.

Video Editing With Text

Yet another beneficial tool is the Text-Based Video Editing feature. This functionality empowers users to enhance their videos by adding subtitles, trimming extraneous sections, crafting highlights, and incorporating crucial elements like logos, intros, and outros. Users have the option to either link a video from YouTube or upload one directly from their computer to the editor. Upon upload, Pictory AI automatically transcribes the video, generates subtitles (toggleable), and eliminates filler words such as “uh” and “um,” elevating the overall professionalism of the video. This tool provides a comprehensive and efficient way to refine and optimize video content.

Visuals To Video

The final addition to Pictory’s toolkit is the Visuals-to-Video feature, enabling users to craft a dynamic slideshow video utilizing images, brief clips, and text. This tool provides the flexibility to enhance the video further by incorporating an AI VoiceOver, utilizing personal narration, or integrating text and additional visual elements. This versatile capability allows users to breathe life into their videos, offering a creative and engaging way to present content through a combination of visuals and audio elements.


Pictory offers three plans: Standard ($19/month), Premium ($39/month), and Teams ($99/month). The Standard plan suits beginners, providing 30 videos, 10-minute projects, and basic editing. Premium adds more features for professionals, while Teams accommodates collaboration for up to 3 users. No free plan is available, but there’s a 14-day free trial.

Starting To Work

If you’re eager to try out Pictory AI, the process is straightforward. Click either the “Free Trial” or “Get Started for Free” button to initiate your trial. You can sign up using your Google account or by providing your contact details. After verification via email, answer a few questions about your intended use. Once done, your account is created, and you can start making videos. The best part? No credit card is required for sign-up, offering a risk-free two-week trial with the ability to create three projects.

Doing Your First Project

Focus on the most popular tool, Script-to-Video, by clicking “Proceed” under the initial blurb. Use the Pictory Editor to input or paste your script, ensure spellcheck is on, adjust screen settings, and click “Proceed.” Choose a theme and aspect ratio (16:9, 9:16, or 1:1). Pictory will then create your storyboard with relevant visuals.


Meta: Pictory AI has stirred a revolution by enabling text to video conversion. Jump in to know more about it.

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