Tips And Tricks To Master The Skill Of AI-Generated Art

Are you an art enthusiast trying to explore the new trend of AI-generated art? If your response is positive, this write-up will definitely intrigue your artistic drive. Creating AI-generated artwork doesn’t only take putting in some prompts and sitting back to wait and get your artwork delivered to you. It is so much more than just typing down those few words. You can grow a hobby out of these new technological advancements. Here,  an alternative intelligence will produce the art by taking clues from your ideas. There is this really important aspect that people often tend to ignore. You must be creative, and smart and use your skills in proper proportion to create those fantastic AI artworks. There are some wonderful tools available out there like the Wonder AI art generator, Midjourney, WOMBO Dream, and NIghtCafe. 

To upscale and produce some really amazing AI artwork you can try different combinations of settings that usually need more exploring to find out. Other than the idea prompts, you must have some other skills. You must know how to edit and retouch the photographs to get the best out of that intelligent confidant. 


So, let’s look into some of the tricks and tips you can use to make your AI artwork better:

Explore the AI generator 

You will find plenty of options available when you search for AI art generators on the internet. However, to get the best out of the toll and have the efficiency to work with it, you use your skill of judgment to make the right choice. Each tool offers some unique aspects and delivers different results. Hence, spend some time to learn the strengths of the tool you are using. 

Use multi-prompting technique

This is a brilliant trick you can use to make your art look hyperrealistic and more artistic. In multi-prompting instead of using commas to separate each prompt, you can use double colons (::). This way your prompt will be more effective.

This method of prompting allows us to have a better outcome by splitting the prompt into several smaller pieces of information. Hence, the AI generates more specific and targeted results. 

Stop the generation process

This is a smart trick that can be very useful if you wish to create blurry or unfinished effects in your pictures. 

To stop the generation process at any point of progress, you can command the system. Type the prompt “–stop” followed by the number you wish to abort the progress. By inhibiting the generation of the artwork at 80 or 90 percent you can mange the level of detailing in your work. 

Tune in for the Highest Resolution

If needed, choose the highest resolution fro generate high-definition pictures. Whereas, blurry pictures can be the trend or requirement at certain times, usually a high-resolution, sharp picture attracts the attention of people more. 

Often you might not require low-resolution pixeled images, so look for buttons labeled as U1, U2, U3, and such. The U in this stands for Upscale and the number following it means the number of the image you want to apply the effect to. 

Play with the dimensions

Despite the default setting of dimension for most of the AI art-generating being 1:1, you can surely change it. Changing the dimension of the image will magically change the overall feel of the picture. However, not all the tools are available and popular oy they don’t always offer this program. But you can certainly find tools like MIdjourney. There you can add –ar<value> at the end of your prompt to customize the dimension. 

Changing the dimension will definitely upgrade the aesthetic value of your artwork. Similar to watching a movie on a widescreen TV and getting a theatrical feeling out of it.


The way these AI art-generating apps are being designed nowadays, anyone can put in some keywords and prompts to generate something. However, some genuine artistic talent and dedication are needed to provide a good piece of art that carries some kind of meaningfulness, purpose, and aesthetic value. Having knowledge about different art styles and techniques will assist you in creating high-resolution, unique pictures that will make you stand out among many. 


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