What Happened To Verphy Kudi? Wiki, Life and More

What Happened To Verphy Kudi?

Verphy Kudi made headlines when authorities arrested her in the United Kingdom for abandoning her 20-month-old daughter, Asiah Naveah Kudi, alone in their flat, leading to the tragic incident of the child starving to death. This heartbreaking case drew widespread attention and raised concerns about child neglect and the need for protective measures to ensure the well-being of vulnerable children. Now this is a horrific incident. What kind of a mother abandons her child and lets her starve to death? This article shall attempt to shed some light on the crime and Kudi’s life.

What Happened To Verphy Kudi?


Verphy Kudi, who received a nine-year jail sentence in 2021 at age 19, likely born in 2002, is British, follows Christianity, and is recognized by her full name. While her mother is Asia Batrane, information about her father and siblings remains undisclosed, indicating limited public knowledge about her background. Her educational history is unclear, contributing to the overall lack of comprehensive information. Wiki

The Grisly Incident

Verphy Kudi, a resident of Brighton, London, United Kingdom, gained notoriety when arrested for the grievous charge of abandoning her 20-month-old daughter, Asiah Naveah Kudi, alone in their flat, leading to the child’s tragic demise. This heartbreaking incident occurred in December 2019. Kudi’s mother, Asia Batrane, expressed shock, stating she was unaware of the child being left alone. A post-mortem examination revealed that Asiah succumbed to starvation and influenza. In 2021, at the age of 19, Verphy Kudi admitted manslaughter and received a nine-year jail sentence. During the trial, Batrane revealed her ignorance about Asiah being left alone until the legal proceedings.

Brand Endorsements

Verphy Kudi continues to advance in her career, and as of now, she hasn’t associated with or promoted any brands. While there’s no current collaboration with famous products or companies, it’s possible we may see her supporting well-known brands in the future. Despite her dedication and efforts, Kudi hasn’t won any awards or received prestigious titles. However, it’s evident that her outstanding performances are yet to be fully recognized, and she has much more ahead in her career, possibly earning several awards in the future. Also, it is quite evident nobody will work with her after this.

Net Worth

Verphy Kudi has consistently shown dedication in her work, although details about her net worth or annual salary remain unavailable on the Internet. Throughout her life, she has put in hard work and remains actively engaged in her career, contributing to the growth of her net worth. However, the crime may put a dent in her plans.

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Height and Weight Verphy Kudi

Verphy Kudi possesses a fit body and a beautiful face with black eyes and hair. However, specific details about her body measurements, dress size, and shoe size are not available on the web. She does look gorgeous and well-formed. Also, she is beautiful. But beauty is only skin deep as we got to see in her case. Kudi has not done herself any credit at all.

Instagram or Other Social Media Platforms

Kudi values her privacy and prefers to live in the moment, steering clear of social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Also, it is quite understandable. People would only inundate her inbox with a lot of hate mail. Some of them she deserves. But most of them are death threats that would not serve any purpose.

Updates on The Case Verphy Kudi

Verphy Kudi was sent to jail because her 20-month-old daughter Asiah Kudi died alone in a Brighton flat in December 2019. A post-mortem exam found she died from starvation and influenza. Kudi, admitting manslaughter in 2021, received a nine-year sentence. During an inquest in Brighton on Monday about Asiah’s death, her grandmother Asia Batrane revealed she learned about her being left alone only during the trial. 


  • Who is Verphy Kudi?

Verphy Kudi is a British criminal from Brighton.

  • What happened to Asiah Kudi?

Asiah Kudi died from starvation and influenza.

  • How did the family react to Asiah’s death?

The entire family is still reeling from the news..

Verphy Kudi is a British criminal whose daughter died of starvation after being left in a small apartment. She is currently being charged with manslaughter.

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