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Loreal Palmer

Loreal Palmer is recognized as the sister of American singer-songwriter Keke Palmer. Raised in a musical household, her father played instruments in the church, and her mother served as a choir director. Loreal Palmer is an American citizen. Also, we are sure you all are excited to learn more about her. Let us jump right onto the bandwagon and get this started.

loreal palmer

Age and Family

Loreal Palmer, the renowned American sister, was born on January 3rd, 1989, in the USA. Her parents are Larry Palmer and Sharon Palmer. Also, Loreal has two identical twin siblings named Lawrencia Palmer and Lawrence Palmer, along with three other siblings, including Keke Palmer. While details about her education are unknown, it seems she has completed high school. Loreal’s religion is unclear, and she is of Afro-American origin.

Net Worth and Assets

As of 2023, the estimated Net Worth of the renowned sister is between $5 million and $7.5 million. Apart from being known as a singer-songwriter, she has collaborated with her sister on various musical projects. Also, we think she is set to acquire several more assets in the coming times. Perhaps she might even have a mansion and a few luxury cars. wiki


Loreal Palmer discovered her love for singing at the age of four in church, driven by a deep passion for music. Influenced by her sister, the renowned actress and singer Keke Palmer, Loreal actively participated in Keke’s stage performances as a backup singer, showcasing her musical talent. Not just a singer, Loreal is also a skilled songwriter, having started penning her songs from a young age. She made her debut in 2013 with the well-received track “Money Dancin,” gaining a substantial fan base. Collaborating with her sister on the hit song “Get Lit” in 2014, Loreal continued to create music, releasing another successful track titled “Do It Like Me.”

Husband or Boyfriend

As per recent reports, Loreal Palmer is currently single. She seems to value her privacy, choosing to keep personal matters discreet. While there might have been past relationships, Loreal has successfully kept the details of any romantic involvements away from public scrutiny. Also, there does not seem to be a romance in the future. Let us see what happens in the time to come, however. It might be just as well that she will enter a relationship and not make it public.

Height and Weight

The height, weight, and current size of the celebrity sister remain undisclosed. Details about her physical measurements are not available. Currently, she sports blonde hair, although her natural colour is black, and her eyes are a shade of dark brown. Also, she is an extremely gorgeous woman. Moreover, people go gaga over her.

Social Media

Loreal, the famous sister, doesn’t engage with social media. She abstains from platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, possibly opting to steer clear of the social media landscape. Also, it appears Palmer will not be coming on any social media platforms for a long time. Let us see what happens in the future, though.

Writing a Book

At 34, Loreal Palmer, sister to actress Keke Palmer, unveils the cover of her upcoming memoir, “Keep Living,” exclusively with PEOPLE. Scheduled for publication by Post Hill Press in June 2024, the book sheds light on her journey. “Surprisingly, I hesitated to write this book,” says Palmer. “As a generally private person, after my divorce, I realized it’s stressful keeping everything in all the time!” Inspired by her divorce, she details the experience of separating romantically yet cohabiting to raise their children with her then-husband Frank Wimberly III. The book is going to be a tell-all.

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In conclusion, Loreal Palmer, the talented sister of actress Keke Palmer, is not only making waves in the music industry but is also sharing her journey in an upcoming memoir, “Keep Living.” Despite her initial reluctance, she opens up about the stress of keeping everything inside, providing readers with insights into her life, divorce, and the unique experience of co-parenting under the same roof. Also, as she continues to navigate both her career and personal challenges, we shall be on the lookout.


  • Who is Loreal Palmer?

Loreal Palmer is a singer, songwriter, and sister to actress Keke Palmer.

  • What is Loreal Palmer’s upcoming memoir about?

Her memoir, “Keep Living,” shares insights into her life, divorce, and the experience of co-parenting after separation.

  • Is Loreal Palmer active on social media?

No, Loreal Palmer is not active on any social media platforms.

Loreal Palmer is the sister of Keke Palmer and a celebrated musician in her own right. She is going to find more success and fame in the coming years.

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