Meet Pedro Pascal’s Sister Lux Pascal: What Is She Doing Now?

Lux Pascal is a well-known American-born Chilean actress and transgender activist. He is also highly famous as the sister of superstar Pedro Pascal. She has already acted in some of the most popular movies and TV series. As per her IMDb profile, she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. Moreover, she also enrolled in the MFA acting program at the prestigious Julliard School in New York. 

She has already starred in various Chilean TV series and even appeared alongside Pedro in Narcos. Apart from being an actress, she is also a popular transgender activist. She revealed a few years back in an interview that she was getting hormone treatment. Needless to say, her entire family has been highly supportive and stood beside her during this time. So in today’s article, we shall discuss some of the interesting aspects of Lux Pascal’s life. Stay tuned to us until the end to know all the details!

Who Is Lux Pascal?

Lux Pascal was born to her parents Veronica Pascal and Jose Balmaceda Riera on the 4th of June 1992 in Santiago, Chile. Therefore, she is currently 31 years old. As per the sources, her parents were exiled from Chile after the 1973 coup. Well, it was due to her mother’s connection to Andrés Pascal Allende who was a leader of the Chilean Revolutionary Left Movement. 

As per her siblings are concerned, Lux is the youngest of four siblings. This includes actor Pedro Pascal. In fact, when she was three years old, her family returned to Chile where she attended Saint George’s College. In 2010, Lux began studying theater at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Moreover, in May 2023, she graduated from Juilliard School with a MFA in acting. Currently, she is a popular actress. 

However, in February 2021, Lux publicly announced that she is a transgender woman. After becoming a woman, she changed her surname to reflect her maternal surname. Presently, she has been in a relationship with actor Jose Antonio Raffo since 2011. 

What Does Lux Pascal Do For A Living?

As we said earlier, Lux is a well-known actress. It was in 2014 during her fourth year of studying theater, Lux made her stage debut in Pablo Rotemberg’s play La noche obstinada. Furthermore, in that same year, she got her first television role on Canal 13’s series Los 80. Here she played the role of Axel Miller.

In addition, Lux made her film debut in 2016 in Prueba de Actitud. It was directed by famous directors like Fabrizio Copano and Augusto Matte. This was indeed a great breakthrough for Lux. In 2017, the gorgeous actress appeared in an international series for the first time. She played the role of Elijah in the third season of the Netflix series Narcos, alongside her brother Pedro. Needless to say, this gave her international recognition.

Furthermore, in 2019, Lux appeared in three Chilean film productions. They were “No quiero ser tu Hermano” under Sebastián Badilla’s direction. Secondly, “Ella es Cristina,” directed by Gonzalo Maza, and thirdly “The Prince,” under Sebastián Muñoz’s direction. Currently, she is busy with all sorts of projects that are up for release soon.

Lux Pascal: A Transgender Activist

In one of her interviews, Lux revealed that she was getting hormone treatment. During this time, his celebrity brother Pedro along with his entire family have been very supportive. She said, “My transition has been something that’s very natural for everyone in my family,” Lux told Ya magazine, translated from her native Spanish. “It’s almost something that they expected to happen.”

Moreover, she also added that her brother Pedro has been an important part of this journey. He actually served as a guide for her at this difficult time. Furthermore, he was one of the first people to gift her the tools that started shaping her identity. At the same time, she also continued by saying that their country indeed requires more and more trans activists who are “good, smart and informed and can be strong voices against transphobia, homophobia, and racism.” Therefore, Lux through her speech wanted to inspire others like her and make society a bit more open-minded. 

At the same time, her celebrity brother Pedro also showed his support through his words. He said that he wouldn’t want to speak on his sister’s behalf, but he can indeed say that her sister is one of the most powerful people and personalities that he has ever come across. So he needs her more than she requires him. Therefore, he is always going to be at her side.

Ending Note

So as we conclude, we can say that Lux Pascal is one of those celebrities who has gained immense popularity both as an actress and as a transgender activist. In fact, she has also inspired countless people through her activities. The above article covers some of the unknown aspects of her life, you can take a look.

Are you curious about the celebrity actor Pedro Pascal’s sister, Lux Pascal? Check out the above article to get a clear idea.

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