The Mia Khalifa Song: How It Went Viral?

The Mia Khalifa song, originally titled Mia Khalifa (Diss), is a track by the American hip-hop group iLoveFriday. Released independently on February 12, 2018, by Atlanta-based rapper Aqsa Malik. also known as Smoke Hijabi and Xeno Carr, the song was later re-released by Records Co and Columbia Records on December 14, 2018. It found a place on their second EP, “Mood” (2019), and was produced by Carr. Notably, the song serves as a diss track aimed at Mia Khalifa, a Lebanese-American Internet celebrity and former adult film actress.

How Was The Song Born?

The music video for iLoveFriday’s 2017 track “Hate Me” featured Malik, a Pakistani-American woman, smoking a blunt while wearing a hijab, a traditional Muslim veil used to maintain modesty. The song gained moderate success and popularity in online meme-centric communities. In January 2018, a fake tweet attributed to Mia Khalifa criticized Malik and the “Hate Me” video, although Khalifa is not Muslim and the tweet was a fabrication.


Despite being a joke, Malik initially believed the tweet to be real, expressing shock at the apparent hypocrisy given Khalifa’s controversial background in a hijab. Responding to demand from fans, iLoveFriday self-released the diss track “Mia Khalifa” on February 12, 2018, with a music video released on March 4, 2018. The video gained around 5 million views before becoming a viral meme. The song was later re-released by Records Co and Columbia Records on December 14, 2018. In early 2019, the original video faced a temporary removal due to copyright infringement claims, and on September 27, 2019, “Mia Khalifa” became the lead track on Mood, iLoveFriday’s second EP.

The Hit Or Miss Issue

Xeno Carr produced the song, and Malik’s verse is often highlighted for its distinctive and catchy delivery. According to the Minnesota Daily, the song gained notoriety not solely due to its association with Mia Khalifa but also because of its peculiarly catchy rap bridge. The opening lines, frequently quoted and reused in memes, contain the viral catch-phrase: “Hit Or Miss”. 


The track is sometimes referred to as “Hit or Miss” based on the opening lines. Pitchfork’s Duncan Cooper described Malik’s verse as capturing her “at her absolute brattiest,” emphasizing her delivery of “kiss yaaaa!” with a notable “almost Midwestern whine” despite her Atlanta roots. Cooper praised the straight and piercing melodies as “catchy to an obnoxious degree.” Additionally, the song incorporates sound effects from the arcade game Street Fighter II, including the Capcom logo jingle and the “Fight!” announcer clip.

How Was It Received?

The reception of the song “Mia Khalifa” by iLoveFriday was mixed. The song gained attention and popularity within certain online meme-centric communities, and its success was not solely attributed to its association with Mia Khalifa but also to a catchy rap bridge in the track. Malik’s verse, with its distinctive and memorable delivery, was often highlighted as a key element of the song. The opening lines, especially the phrase “Hit or miss, I guess they never miss, huh?” became widely quoted and reused in memes, contributing to the song’s viral nature.


However, opinions on the song varied. Some listeners appreciated the catchy and memorable aspects of the track, while others criticized it for its controversial content and associations. The diss track nature of the song aimed at Mia Khalifa generated discussions and reactions, with some finding it humorous and others expressing discontent. Despite the mixed reviews, “Mia Khalifa” became a viral meme, and its popularity led to its re-release by Records Co and Columbia Records on December 14, 2018. The song’s success within online communities and its ability to generate widespread attention contributed to its overall impact, even though opinions on its artistic merits remained diverse.

A Viral Track

The song “Mia Khalifa” went viral due to its catchy lyrics, particularly the widely quoted opening lines, and its popularity within online meme communities. The diss track’s controversial nature, targeting Mia Khalifa, sparked discussions and added to its notoriety. The song’s association with internet culture, participation in viral challenges, and strategic releases further contributed to its widespread dissemination.

Final Words

The song by iLoveFriday achieved viral success through its catchy lyrics, meme-worthy content, and controversial nature as a diss track. Its association with internet culture, participation in challenges, and strategic releases amplified its reach. While opinions on the song varied, its impact on online communities and widespread recognition underscores its role in the cultural landscape during its viral phase.

If you have heard the Mia Khalifa song, and want to know more about it, then we are here. This is a soundtrack by American hip-hop group iLoveFriday.

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