How Does Runway AI Work? Know All The Details Here

Have you heard about Runway AI? Curious to know more about it? Then let me tell you that it’s a startup that wants to make AI accessible for creative people, even if they’re not tech experts. The folks behind it are artists who want to help the next generation of storytellers. This AI has been working on AI video editing software for a while now. Their tools are used by TikTok and YouTube creators, as well as big movie and TV studios. They even helped with graphics on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and made some scenes in the movie Everything Everywhere All at Once. Let’s dive into what this AI does and check out some cool things it can do.

How Does This AI Work?

This AI has a web tool that’s pretty handy. It’s got over 30 different tools that can do things like tracing moving objects, following where things move, cleaning up audio, turning speech into text, making subtitles, and more. You just upload your pictures or videos, and these tools help you make them better or even create new stuff. They also have some AI models, like Stable Diffusion which turns words into pictures, and Gen-2 which turns text and images into cool videos. It’s like turning your ideas into cool visuals with AI magic.

How It Is Different From Others

What makes this AI special is that it uses AI and smart computer tricks to make video editing easier and better. It can do things that usually need a bunch of experts or fancy software. Plus, it’s easy to use on the internet, so even if you’re not a tech whiz, you can give it a try.

Ease Of Handling

It is for everyone who wants to make and change videos, even if you’re not a computer expert. Whether you’re a newbie on TikTok or YouTube or a pro working in big movie and TV companies, you can use its tools. It’s made to be simple and anyone can try it. You just open it in your web browser, and it’s easy to figure out with its drag-and-drop stuff. They also have guides and help to show you how it works.

Here’s how to get started with This AI:


  1. Go to their website at using your computer or phone web browser.


  1. Click the “Sign up” button in the top right corner and fill in your info to create an account.


  1. Once you’re signed up, you can check out all the cool video editing tools they have. This includes things like tracing moving objects, following motion, cleaning up audio, making subtitles, and more.


  1. It has a special tool for training AI. You’ll need to upload 15-25 pictures and give it a keyword. Then, you wait about 30 minutes for it to learn stuff.


  1. After the training, you can use it to make 100 high-quality pictures. You can even customize them using Text to Image.


  1. Remember, it’s a web tool, so you have to upload the video clips that you want to edit. Just pick the footage you want to work on and put it on it.


  1. They also have Gen-2, which turns text into videos. You can make videos from your script or description.


That’s it! Follow these steps to start making awesome videos with this AI and see what AI can do for your creativity.


Here is the complete list of tools that it offers:

  • Video to Video (Gen-1)
  • Text/Image to Video (Gen-2)
  • Remove Background
  • Text to Image
  • Image to Image
  • Train your own Generator
  • Infinite Image
  • Expand Image
  • Frame Interpolation
  • Erase and Replace
  • Backdrop Remix
  • Image Variation
  • 3D Capture
  • 3D Texture
  • Inpainting
  • Colour Grade (LUT)
  • Super-Slow Motion
  • Blur Faces
  • Depth of Field
  • Scene Detection
  • Extract Depth
  • Clean Audio
  • Remove Silence
  • Transcript
  • Subtitles
  • Add color
  • Upscale Image
  • Motion Tracking
  • Word Processor


It is a cool startup that wants to share AI’s superpowers with everyone. They’ve got fancy tools and smart AI models that can make editing videos easier for anyone. Whether you’re just starting on TikTok or you work in the big movie business, this AI can help you create awesome content. And the best part is, it’s easy to use on the internet, so anyone can give it a try and let their creative ideas shine.

Runway AI is a startup that provides accessible AI-powered video editing tools for both beginners and professionals. To know more about it, give this blog a read!

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