A Look Into Google Bard AI And How It Can Be Accessed

Following the fascinating success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google has also released its own AI chatbox named Google Bard AI which has become pathbreaking. In fact, it has become widely popular these days, and there are plenty of things to know about this amazing AI. While it is still at an experimental stage, it has already made a huge name for itself. According to the reports, it is meant to function in a similar vein as ChatGPT. However, there are a few key differences as well. For instance, the service will pull all of its details and data directly from the web.

So, if you are curious about Google Bard AI, then you are at the right place. Here we will share all sorts of info about Google Bard, such as how it works, how it’s different from ChatGPT, and other facts. So, it’s time to follow this article and check out all sorts of facts you need to know.

What Is Google Bard AI?

Google Bard AI

As we noted before, Google Bard AI is akin to ChatGPT, which means it’s a chatbot. According to the reports, it’s an AI Chat Service and provides all kinds of solutions to the users. Users can get all kinds of information that they require using Google’s own chatbox. What’s interesting, this is the first ChatBox that Google made. It’s an experimental AI Chat Service. Like most AI Chatbts. Google Bard can code, answer all sorts of math problems, and also help with literature and writing stuff.

According to the official reports, on February 6, Google CEO Sundar Pichai unveiled Google Bard. While it was a new concept, this AI Chat Servicer was launched and powered by Google’s LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications). So, one should also note that Google unveiled it two years earlier. As such, Google ultimately released it after March 21, 2023.

How Does Google Bard Work?

Google Bard AI

So, now that we know what Google Bard AI is, it’s time to find out how it works. According to the reports, Google’s very own advanced large language model (LLM) PaLM 2 has powered Google Bard. In fact, the company unveiled this LLM at the Google I/O in 2023. Moreover, PaLM 2 is a more advanced version of the 1st one which the company released in April 2022. So, this allows Bard to become more efficient.

As such, it performs at a higher level. In fact, users may like to know that the initial version of Bard actually used a lightweight model version of LaMDA. Reports tell us that the first version required less computing power and that’s why it could be scaled to more users. However, they built LaMDA on Transformer, which is as we know, Google’s own neural network architecture. For many reasons, Google used its own LLms, such as LaMDA and PaLM 2, two of the most popular AI chatbots at the moment.

Is Google Bard AI Available To Everyone?

Considering Google has released its own AI Chat box, people want to know whether they can use it for themselves or not. So, readers may like to know that the Google I/O announced that there won’t be a waitlist for Bard. In other words, it’s currently open to all for use.

How To Access Google Bard?

If you are someone who wants to use Google Bard, then you are at the right place. So, in order to use Google Bard, you have to go to the official website of Bard which goes something like this: Bard.google.com, and then you need to log in with your Google Account. Thereafter, click on the Try Bard option, and agree to the terms of service. So, after that, you will see a chat screen, and Bard will suggest a few questions that you can ask right away. You can use Google Bard AI on the chatbot itself.

Google Bard AI has become a popular alternative to ChatGPT which can solve multiple problems in a matter of seconds.

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