Who Is Benji Krol? Interesting Facts About His Childhood And His Age, Relationship, Family, Net Worth And More

Who Is Benji Krol?

Benji Krol is a very popular social media personality. He is famous for his short videos. Moreover, he shows small cute makeup tutorials or sometimes lip-syncing to famous musical sounds or memes in his videos. He has amassed a great source of fame at a young age. However, he posts vlogs on his YouTube channels which are loved by many people across the globe.

Who Is Benji Krol?

How was his early life?

He was born on 14th December 2000 in Brazil. His mother is Alejandra who is Argentinian and his father is Andre who is English and Polish. The TikToker was brought up in an upper-middle-class Christian family. Moreover, he was provided with all the necessities of life by his parents while growing up. He went to a local High School located in his hometown in Madrid, Spain, and completed his high school education there and graduated.

Who Is Benji Krol?

For his university, he enrolled himself in a private college located in Madrid, Spain. However, he has not yet revealed his major in university and kept the information regarding his early life very private.

Since he was young, the TikTok star always wanted to become an actor and model. He wanted to be a popular personality when he grew up. His handsome personality and boyish charm have people swooning over him in his videos. He is one of the most famous social media personalities in Brazil. However, he is based in Madrid, Spain though he is originally from Brazil.

How was his film career?

The influencer started his career by posting his first video on musical.ly in 2016. By continuously posting short videos there he had reached a small level of fame by 2018.

When the app became TikTok his social media career sky-rocketed and he reached new levels of fame. His followers have kept growing ever since then. Moreover, another factor for his massive following was the news of his dating. He started his YouTube career on March 1st, 2014. wiki

 However, he did not post anything there until four years later. He posted his first video there on March 27th, 2018. This was around the time when he started gaining fame on TikTok. Moreover, along with that, his YouTube account got subscribed by millions. 

Does He have a boyfriend?

The TikToker is single at present. To this date, he has not revealed a possible new partner. Moreover, he is enjoying his time alone with his family and keeps posting regularly on his social media.

However, his ex-boyfriend is TikToker Jorge Garay. They both started dating in late 2018-early 2019. The couple was widely loved on social media mainly because of their fighting for LGBTQ rights.

What do we know about his personal life?

Unfortunately, the popular couple ended after an abrupt situation. However, it left many questions regarding their breakup like that. His boyfriend Jorge left him when he was hospitalized after a suicide attempt. This was due to being accused of a horrendous act that he didn’t even commit.

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He is very open about his being bisexual. Although he has said that he is bisexual he has also mentioned that he feels more comfortable with having male partners. 

What are His height and body measurements?

The height of Benji Krol is 5 feet 8 inches as per the most current data. Moreover, he weighs around 69 KG. This young star’s body measurement is approximately 40-30- 36, while he wears 9(UK) shoe sizes.

What is his net worth?

The estimated net worth of the YouTuber has been estimated to be $1 Million. This estimated value is a result of his successful social media career. His net worth keeps varying. Moreover, it is only increasing in number with each passing day and making him a wealthy young adult. The young adult’s main source of income comes mostly from being widely famous on  TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. Despite being the owner of such large assets Benji prefers to live a normal lifestyle without showing off his wealth.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: How old is Benji Krol?

Ans: He is 23 years old.

Q2: How tall is He?

Ans: He is 5’ 9” feet tall.

Q3: How much is his net worth?

Ans: His worth is $1 Million.

Q4: Where is Benji Krol from?

Ans: He is from Brazil.

Q5: Where does he live now?

Ans: He lives in Madrid, Spain.

Benji Krol is a famous social media personality who is open about being bisexual and having male partners. Let’s find out more about him!

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