What Is Ryan Garcia’s Height? Is He Really As Tall As He Claims?

Ryan Garcia is an American professional boxer who held the WBC interim lightweight title in 2021. Apart from being highly popular as a boxer, one of the things that has caused an uproar is Ryan Garcia height. His present height is 1.74 m which is 12 cm taller than Gervonta Davis. Needless to say, they are the two most explosive fighters in the lighter-weight classes. 


As per the sources, both competitors enter the fight with spotless records. Both the competitors have set records in their own fields. Davis has around 26 knockout victories and Garcia has a 23-0 record. As of May 2023, he is ranked as the world’s fourth-best active lightweight by The Ring magazine. In addition, he has received more honors and recognition for his impeccable records. Pretty recently, ESPN also awarded him as the sixth-best junior welterweight. So in today’s article, we shall discuss some of the interesting aspects of this celebrity boxer’s life. 

Who Is Ryan Garcia?


Ryan Garcia was born to his parents on the 8th of August, 1998 in Los Alamitos, California, in the United States. Therefore, he is currently 25 years old. As per the sources, García started boxing at the age of seven. He dreamed that one day he would represent the United States in the Olympics. So he took boxing up as his profession and started working hard to achieve his dream. He also became the 15-time national amateur champion and amassed an amateur record of 215–15.


It was due to his boxing skills that Ryan has nicknames like The Flash and Ry. As per the sources, Garcia comes from a large family. Needless to say, his parents were actively involved in his amateur career. In fact, they continue to assist him with his professional career as his father remains one of his trainers. His mother currently works as his Personal Administrative Assistant for commercial projects. Although American by birth and nationality, Garcia often incorporates his Mexican heritage into his persona. He often carries both the U.S. and Mexican flags into the ring. It was in March 2019, that Garcia’s daughter was born.

What Is Ryan Garcia’s Height?


Many of Ryan Garcia’s fans are probably curious to find out the real height of the celebrity boxer Ryan Garcia. The handsome boxer once claimed that he is as tall as 5 ft 11 inches. However, it was described as “Height: 5 ft 8 and a half inches and Weight 135 and a half inches” in a 2023 tale of a tape.


Well, it is due to his amazing height that he can easily be at a great advantage in the boxing ring. So whenever he is fighting his opponents he often makes use of his height and puts them in a fix.

Is Ryan Garcia Taller Than Gervonta Davis?


If you research thoroughly, you will find out that Davis may just be five feet five, but he has plenty of punch. It is due to his fluid mobility that enables him to quickly switch angles and choose the optimal area to deliver his devastating blows. Needless to say, they are among the greatest in the lighter categories.


If we describe their tussle, we can provide an instance. As per the sources, Davis’ tendency was to become more motionless as the battle went on, which could get him into problems. Therefore, he must keep moving to get inside without becoming an easy target because he is up against the longer and taller Garcia. 


On the other hand, Garcia possesses some of the world’s quickest hands. So he uses his superior quickness to dismantle his opponents fast, if not to put them to sleep right away. Do you know what his most lethal strike was? Well, despite being an orthodox fighter, his vicious left hook is his most lethal strike. So having a good height naturally puts him at a great advantage. 

Ryan Garcia Has Appeared On TV Commercials


Do you know that Ryan Garcia has appeared on television due to his professional career as a boxer? Yes, it was in 2021, that Garcia signed a deal with the sports drink Gatorade to appear on television commercials advertising the brand. 


Thus he became the first American boxer ever to appear on a Gatorade campaign. Moreover, in some commercials, Garcia appears with NBA basketball star Damian Lillard. .

Ending Note


So as we conclude, we can say that Ryan Garcia is one of those professional boxers who has gained immense popularity in recent times. He has won several awards and recognitions that have made him appear as one of the best American boxers. It is due to his amazing height that has helped him stay at an advantageous position. You can take a look at the above article to know some of the interesting aspects about him. 

Are you curious to find out all the details about Ryan Garcia height? Why not check out the above article for more details?

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