Susan Andrews: Meet Tucker Carlson’s Wife Who Chose A Private Life

Susan Andrews has gained considerable attention for being the wife of Tucker Carlson. 

If you’re a follower of primetime TV, you’re likely familiar with Tucker Carlson, a prominent political commentator. Since 2016, he’s been the host of Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News. He has also hosted Tucker on MSNBC and co-hosted Crossfire on CNN.

He shared that he first encountered his wife, Susan, during their 10th-grade years while appearing on one of his television programs. He fondly mentioned she was deemed the most charming 10th grader in the country then. Intriguingly, Susan’s father was the former headmaster at St. George private school, where Tucker sought permission to marry her. Fast forward to today, the couple is happily married, raising a family together. If you wish to know more about her, then you should go through this article.

Her Early Life

Information about Susan’s early life is not widely available, as she tends to keep a low profile and remains out of the public eye. Due to her private nature, details about her upbringing, family background, and early life are not easily accessible or well-documented. Susan Andrews gained public attention when she married Tucker Carlson, a prominent political commentator and television host. However, beyond her connection to Carlson, she has chosen to maintain privacy, and specific details about her early life are not part of the public domain.

Her Family Members

Her family includes her husband, Tucker, and their four children—three daughters and one son. Tucker Carlson is indeed married; he tied the knot with Susan Andrews in 1991. Since then, the couple has shared their lives as husband and wife.


Specific details about her career are not widely known or publicly disclosed. She, the wife of Tucker Carlson, has maintained a low profile and chosen to stay out of the public eye. Unlike her husband, who is a well-known political commentator and television host, she has not pursued a public career. Nevertheless, there are accounts suggesting that prior to embracing her role as a homemaker, Susan Andrews was employed at an Episcopal school. Eventually, she made the decision to resign from her job to focus on her family.

Net Worth

As per information from the Gh Gossip website, Susan is speculated to have a net worth of $30 million. Meanwhile, her husband, Tucker Carlson, is recognized as an American political commentator, writer, and television personality, with an alleged net worth of $380 million. 

Marriage With Tucker

Tucker Carlson and Susan exchanged vows in a ceremony hosted at the very school where their paths first crossed. Choosing the chapel as their wedding venue held special significance, as it marked the place where their initial connection had blossomed. Over the past three decades, Tucker has remained true to the vows he made on that memorable day. Many admire their relationship, drawn to the unique circumstances that brought them together and sparked their mutual attraction.

Enduring a period of long-distance separation, Tucker and Susan’s relationship faced a challenge when Tucker departed for Trinity College. Half a year prior to Tucker’s college graduation, he approached Susan’s father seeking permission to marry his daughter. Since their marriage, the couple has consistently demonstrated a remarkable level of support and commitment to each other. Throughout the years, Susan has played a crucial role in shaping her husband into the person he is today.


Tucker Carlson and Susan share three daughters and a son. While there is limited public information about the children, their names are Lillie, Dorothy, and Hopie, and their son is named Buckley.

A Supportive Wife

Despite facing challenges in their marriage, Susan has remained steadfast and devoted to her husband. An example of her unwavering support includes standing by Tucker during sexual assault accusations in the early 2000s. During this difficult time, when the allegations posed a threat to Tucker’s career and marriage, Susan stood by him. 

She played a crucial role in shaping her husband into a better person, providing support and strengthening his faith during challenging times. This was particularly evident when Tucker faced the cancellation of his show, an experience that nearly led him into a state of depression.

Susan Andrews is quite popular for being the wife of Tucker Carlso, and you all must know her. However, to find some amazing facts about her, give this a read!

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