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Daniela Ali is SypherPK wife and she serves as the CEO of Oni Studios, a marketing firm dedicated to aiding content artists in expanding their reach. SypherPK, an Instagram influencer, content creator, streamer, and YouTuber, gained fame by releasing game montages on his YouTube channel, quickly amassing a large following. Joining Luminosity Gaming in 2015, he swiftly became one of the most prominent online multiplayer gamers. This article delves into more details about Daniela Ali and her role alongside SypherPK in the gaming and content creation realm. Also, in this article, we will learn more about her.


Early Life

As of now, Daniela Ali is 23 years old, although her exact date of birth remains undisclosed online. Standing at a height of 5 feet 4 inches and weighing 51 kg, Daniela accompanies her husband SypherPK, born on May 10, 1996, in Texas, USA. Growing up with two brothers passionate about online gaming, SypherPK and Daniela, now married, co-own and operate “Oni Studios,” a company based in Austin, Texas. This article delves into more details about Daniela Ali, her age, and her dynamic role alongside SypherPK. Also, we will take a look at her relationships as well.

Career and Professional Interests

Apart from her role as CEO, Daniela Ali has been the Chief Operating Officer of SypherPK, LLC since October 2017. Her versatile career includes serving as an Executive Assistant for MoveCorp from 2017 to 2018 and a Human Resources Assistant for Commercial Concrete Systems from October 2015 to June 2017. This article delves into Daniela’s various professional roles, providing insights into her dynamic career journey alongside her responsibilities as CEO.

Oni Studios

Founded in 2020 by Daniela Ali and SypherPK, Oni Studios is a dynamic business with a clear mission. According to their LinkedIn profile, the company is dedicated to empowering creators by offering the tools to elevate their brand into an empire. Oni Studios takes pride in leveraging its team and resources to amplify the hard work that creators invest in their brands. The company’s approach focuses on expanding a creator’s reach to new territories without compromising the essence of the brand. This article delves into the vision and goals of Oni Studios, shedding light on how it supports content creators in their journey to success. Also, they work hard. Moreover, the studio is slowly gaining in popularity. Wiki

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Social Media

Daniela Ali is active on social media, particularly on Instagram and Twitter. Her Instagram handle, @manishie, boasts 23.5k followers and 437 followings, featuring a collection of 36 posts. On Twitter, you can find her at @manishie_, where she has garnered 50.3k followers and follows 932 accounts since joining in September 2014. Her Twitter activity includes 8,823 tweets, showcasing her engagement on the platform. This article provides insights into Daniela Ali’s social media presence, offering a glimpse into her online connections and activity. Also, she is pretty famous. However, it is quite obvious this will only increase.

Her Plans for the Future

Daniela Ali has a straightforward goal: she aims to help creators build sustainable, long-term businesses. Starting from their YouTube gaming channel, Daniela and her husband have evolved. To support fellow YouTubers and creators through Oni Studios. This agency enables creators to concentrate on their craft while receiving essential business and back-end support. Daniela finds inspiration in the artists she works with, guiding them to take control of their businesses and turn their dreams into reality in the digital media arena. Also, she is a very idealistic person. One of the best entrepreneurs in the world, that is.

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Who is Daniela Ali?

Daniela Ali is the wife of SypherPK, a well-known content creator and gamer.

What is Oni Studios?

Oni Studios, founded by Daniela and SypherPK, is a business established in 2020 that provides tools and resources to help creators expand their brands.

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What is Daniela Ali’s role at Oni Studios?

Daniela serves as the CEO of Oni Studios.


In conclusion, Daniela Ali plays a pivotal role in the digital media landscape as the CEO of Oni Studios. Her dedication to assisting creators in building sustainable, long-term businesses reflects her passion for empowering artists. Also, from a YouTube gaming channel to a thriving marketing agency, Daniela and her husband have evolved, leaving a mark on the content creation industry. Moreover, they are very successful.

SypherPK wife Daniela Ali is an American entrepreneur who runs Oni Studios with her husband. To know more, let’s give this blog a read!

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