Fit For Christmas: Here’s All About Amanda Kloots Christmas Movie

Amanda Kloots Christmas movie

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Amanda Kloots Christmas movie is here to make your holidays stunning and entertaining. Amanda, a native of Canton, has held a deep affinity for the Christmas holiday throughout her life. Currently, she has taken on the roles of co-writer, producer, and lead actor in her inaugural holiday film, titled Fit for Christmas.

amanda kloots christmas movie

The co-host of CBS’ “The Talk,” known for her past as a Broadway dancer and Radio City Rockette, also manages her own fitness company named Amanda Kloots Fitness. Therefore, if you wish to know more about this movie, then you should go through this article in detail.

About Amanda

Residing in Los Angeles, Kloots garnered a global social media following by documenting the challenging 95-day period she experienced in 2020 alongside her husband, Nick Cordero, a Broadway actor who tragically succumbed to COVID-19. His passing occurred when their son, Elvis, was just 1 year old.

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Collaborating with her co-writing sister, Anna Kloots, she published the New York Times bestselling memoir “Live Your Life: My Story of Loving and Losing Nick Cordero,” in 2021, offering a poignant account of her journey and love story with Cordero.

What’s The Movie About?

In this narrative, co-authored by Kloots in collaboration with holiday film writer Anna White, Audrey, portrayed by Kloots, is a fitness instructor with a fervent passion for Christmas. Her character imparts fitness lessons at a financially challenged community centre situated in the charming town of Mistletoe, Montana. As Audrey embarks on a festive romance with the charismatic businessman Griffin, it adds complexity to his intentions of transforming the centre into a lucrative ski lodge.

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The Inspiration Behind The Film

The idea for Kloots’ latest film emerged over two years ago, just a few weeks after the passing of Cordero. She mentioned that the inspiration came to her in the middle of the night in July of 2020. She explained that she couldn’t sleep, lying in bed, so she decided to turn on the television. At that time, Christmas movies were being aired in July to boost everyone’s spirits due to the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Wiki

On social media, she shared that she was unable to sleep and had resorted to watching a Christmas movie. In August, she received an invitation to appear as a guest on a Hallmark podcast. During the podcast, she discussed her concept for the Christmas story. Following this, she was introduced to co-writer White. Kloots presented the project to CBS in December 2020, and the network executives expressed their enthusiasm, indicating that they loved the idea.

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The Making Of The Film

The romantic comedy “Fit for Christmas,” filmed in Vancouver in August, features Canadian actor Paul Greene in the role of Griffin. Recognized as the “King of Christmas” with over 11 holiday films to his credit, Greene brings his seasoned charm to the co-starring role. Kloots expressed that Paul was like a Christmas miracle, emphasizing that he proved to be the best co-star she could have dreamed of. She remarked that he exhibited tremendous generosity, kindness, and a fun, easygoing nature, making him a pleasure to work with.

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Filming took place in Vancouver amidst scorching 100-degree temperatures, with the cast donning winter coats, scarves, and hats for their scenes. Despite the heat, Kloots, who enjoys warmer weather, didn’t find the 18 days of filming in these conditions bothersome. Incorporating her personal fitness class moves, Kloots has seamlessly integrated jump roping and dance elements into the movie. 

How The Film Was?

While the plot adheres to familiar and well-worn holiday tropes, the screenplay and performances succeed in making every moment feel authentic and convincing. The only aspect that seems out of place is the involvement of the ex-boyfriend. Nonetheless, the film thrives primarily due to Kloots’ infectious spirit, establishing her as the undeniable star. As an actual fitness instructor, she lends credibility to the character’s career path, and her genuine passion imparts a truly motivational quality to the overall narrative.

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The essence of “Fit for Christmas” lies in acknowledging one’s unique talents and leveraging them to motivate and uplift others. While the town of Mistletoe may embody some holiday clichés (in a charming way), the preservation of its every nook is entirely attributed to the community that calls it home. The narrative underscores the importance of utilizing one’s platform and voice to share positive stories that contribute to the well-being of others.

Amanda Kloots Christmas movie Fit For Christmas rocked cinemas in 2022 and is a great holiday film to watch out for. Join us to learn more about the film.

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