Everything You Need To Know About Harvey AI

Harvey AI has made an immense name for itself in the world of artificial intelligence. We cannot deny that it is an age of AI. Almost every industry now uses some AI application to streamline its processes and finish the final product. The legal industry in particular has been known for its plenty of time consuming processes and a lot of conservatism when it comes to other things. Enter Harvey AI. In this article we shall discuss in detail about what a boon it is for the legal industry and how we can make use of it.

A Bit About Harvey AI

First of all, let us learn a bit about the origins of this wonderful artificial intelligence. It has been designed specifically for the legal industry. Machine learning and natural language processing lend their powers to the AI so it can solve complicated equations and other things. We know that legal professionals often have a lot on their plate and this can make it difficult for them to focus on more important tasks. Harvey AI enables them to make better use of their time and do specific tasks like legal research, strategy development and more.

A Host of Capabilities

The software is currently under a lot of development. But Harvey AI is primed to bring about a revolution in the legal sector. For centuries people have known the legal industry as an extremely conservative place where people are not willing to change or embrace technology. In many parts of the world things are still done in a very traditional manner when it comes to legal processes. Harvey AI is the first scrap of modern tech that the legal sector is going to employ. Let us take a peek at its capabilities in more detail.

Transform Legal Research

One area where the Harvey AI excels is legal research. Legal professionals can often spend hours and hours simply sifting through a ton of data and old cases. The Harvey AI finds out statutes, laws and other precedents to save the lawyers a lot of time. This is utterly brilliant and we cannot get enough of a software like that. This in turn enables lawyers to provide timely, accurate decisions to their clients. This feature alone makes Harvey a godsend. This is however not the end of its abilities and we will discuss more.


Boost Law Firm Efficiency

One of the most critical aspects of legal services is that contract analysis can be time-consuming and very much prone to errors. Harvey AI will immediately automate the contract analysis process and on the way improve efficiency and risk mitigation. Remember the natural language processing abilities? They come into play here. Harvey AI can provide you with accurate contract summaries, flag abuses and even highlight the areas requiring attention. Now that is what we call an all rounder. The firm will only benefit in the long run from the involvement of the Harvey AI in their system.

Improve Client Satisfaction

In the legal industry client satisfaction is of utmost importance and it will eventually lead to the firm becoming well-established. Harvey AI plays a wonderful role in making sure this happens in the long run. This enhances customer satisfaction to a great extent and the reputation of the firm spreads further. The software has shown time and again that it can handle mundane tasks like a wizard. This leaves the legal professionals free to better serve their clients and it is one of the best things to ever happen to the legal industry. Let us move on to the last point.


There are many challenges that the Harvey AI will face in the coming years and the legal industry better be prepared for it. Most of these challenges are ethical in nature. However, makers of the Harvey AI are working on the flaws to ensure that they get the best possible service from the artificial intelligence network. It is a software, after all. A software needs regular training to differentiate between right and wrong. As of now it represents a revolution in the legal industry that cannot be easily suppressed. All that remains to be seen is how it performs in the long run.

The Harvey AI is one of the best things that has happened to the legal industry in a long time. It streamlines the work so lawyers have more time to do other important work.

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